H2: Peformance Without Limits?

November 13, 2016


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro, high school or college athlete, weekend warrior, or simply anyone trying to get into shape: there’s one main thing that holds you back from pushing harder in the gym, from running further on the trail, or from performing better in any athletic activity: fatigue. You start to feel winded, your muscles start to tighten up, maybe you even get a little nauseous if you’re pushing all-out, and you have to pull back, slow down, or drop the weight.  It may seem like these physical limitations of the human body are only improved upon by continued training, or maybe you’re just limited by your genetics. The good news is that neither of those two things are true. What if there were something you could do to instantly improve your ability to exercise? What if there were something that could give you a major boost in order to go the extra mile in your competition? What if it were completely natural and pure, had no side effects, and was as simple as drinking water? If something like that existed, you would likely have heard about it before, right?


What prevents you from training more often (aside from time and motivation)? Fatigue and soreness, right? If you were only able to get back into the gym or back onto the trail more quickly after an intense workout, you’d be able to make more dramatic improvements. What if the same thing that would instantly enable you to push harder in the gym ALSO significantly cut down on muscle soreness and recovery time? Too good to be true? Such a thing exists, and thanks to a cutting-edge new technology, you’ll be able to experience these benefits for the first time. The technology is called infused molecular hydrogen (H2), and it just may be one of the most powerful scientific discoveries of the last two decades … and maybe one of the most important health discoveries in the last 100 years.


In a nutshell, while this powerful and natural molecule already exists in your body in differing amounts depending on your diet (higher fiber diets produce more molecular hydrogen), additional intermittent exposure to H2 results in profound improvements in a number of athletic markers: increased muscular endurance, rapid recovery, and improved energy metabolism. Additionally, the benefits of molecular hydrogen extend far beyond physical performance to help you achieve peak cognitive functioning, boost your immunity, and dramatically improve your long term health prospects. Here’s the best news: the way to reap the benefits of this miracle molecule is as simple as drinking a specific kind of water.

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